Dating Red Flag’s

Dating in today’s world has evolved so much. Now people often search online to meet a partner. That gives you maybe a five second chance to make a great impression, before you are swiped away. Unless you have an amazing photo people may overlook you.
Once you decide to meet, it can be daunting to figure out what might be a red flag. Here is list of ten red flags that you should look out for:

1) They don’t ask you any questions about you. It’s important to notice if they are just nervous or instead more self-centered wanting to always talk about themselves.
2) They are critical of all of their ex partners and many of them are said to be “crazy”.
3) He or she expects you to do all of the work or invest the most energy in the relationship.
4) They are not respectful of your boundaries or your need for safety. Maybe they want to know where you live or very personal information too fast.
5) They are intense and move the relationship too fast.
6) Has too many things in common with you. Are they making these things up to manipulate you?
7) They often take a long time to text you back or respond to a telephone call with no explanation.
8) They complain about their life, job, family, ex’s, food, drink much of the time.
9) They are dismissive of your feelings or needs/wants.
10) Something feels off about them. It could be that what they are saying has inconsistencies or doesn’t add up. Always trust your intuition because the body usually is aware something is wrong before the mind catches up.
Any others that you have discovered?

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