About Us

The Women’s Center for DBT is a independently owned center that is located in Woburn, Massachusetts. We provide mental health treatment services and programs in a private, safe, and warm environment.

We serve women that are 18 and older with mood related disorders, bipolar, and personality disorders. Our approach is person centered with a focus on finding your best life and true self.

Our services are delivered by highly trained, dedicated, and compassionate therapists that are committed to providing the latest state of the art treatment in psychotherapy. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an evidence based behavioral psychotherapy that uses a skill’s-based approach to help navigate strong emotions, difficult relationships, and stressful situations.

What sets us apart is that our treatment is tailored to each individual to provide the most sensitive and personalized care. When you receive care here, it is from a team of clinical professionals that ensure the best care. This begins from the very first call. We are a small center that caters to each individual client that has come to expect the very best in care.